Learn to play guitar like one of the most influential musicians of the 1970s

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“Illin’ Pain” is the name of my new band


Dr. Feelgood put on an amazing, high energy show. I suspect the whole band was coked up during this performance (notice how the singer keeps rubbing his nose):



Yeah, great, he seems like a good guy, (uh oh here comes that guy)…
… but MC5.

Talking of “Going Back Home” …this is not the best live footage, by far, but it is among the oddest.
Dr Feelgood play to a small French town’s bemused passers-by in their town square:

Not seen this for a long while … reminds me just how tragic Lee Brilleaux’s early demise was.

And if you like Dr Feelgood you need to explore Wilko Johnson’s Solid Senders … here’s a few


Music’s great, but the speaking requires captions. I think he was saying something about guitars, but I couldn’t swear to it…

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Wilko was a speedfreak - the other three were are all hard drinkers. Wilko talks about that in his excellent biography “Don’t You Leave Me Here”. Their shows back in the day were super high energy - one of my favorite bands and some of the best live shows ever. I remember they played 4 songs back to back before Lee even took a break to greet the crowd (King Georges Hall in Blackburn).

Interestingly, Wilko was close friends with Lemmy Kilmister back in the day…


Influential in terms of the UK music scene and bridging the divide between 60s rock and punk.

Apple and Oranges, my friend

Good thing he isn’t Glaswegian, or Geordie, (a native of Glasgow or Newcastle) their accents are almost impenetrable, literally like a foreign language!

Re Wilko’s mentioning of the huge influence of Mick Green, here he is at Reading Festival in 1978: Johnny Kidd and The Pirates - Shakin’ All Over.
(Mr Kidd in the red/white stripey trousers, and Mr Green in the pirate boots, on guitar.)
I know I was there, but I can’t quite remember seeing them!

And while searching that out, I came across this tribute to Mick Green - sounds like both Mick and Wilko!

Can’t wait to see the interview @SeamusBellamy

Also, If anyone really wants to get to know Wilko, watch Julien Temple’s 90 minute documentary on him “The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson” in the BBC’s ‘Imagine’ strand of arts programmes. (Yes, Julien Temple maker of "Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle’ about Sex Pistols.)

This is a brilliant documentary about Wilko’s life and interests, which go beyond music and guitar. Spoiler - he’s a keen amateur astronomer and was an English teacher with a keen interest in Old English. An amazing guy.

(@Professor59 this is not recommended for you. Sorry.)
ETA - seems you may have to go to Youtube to watch it.

OK - I’m done now. Enjoy (those of you who watch the videos).

House of Payne?

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I’ve obviously not listened to anywhere near enough Dr Feelgood.

Also, really nice to see the shots of the pier from before the '76 fire.

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