Jack White thrills with last-minute SNL performance

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Yeah, it was nice to see some actual guitar-based rock and roll and blues on TV for a change. He ruled.


Mr White killed 30 Rock on Saturday night!


It was Mr. White. In the (fake) train station. With an axe.


Saw him on the Lazaretto tour in 2014- one of the best shows I’ve seen, and I have seen a lot of great shows.


i still say he’s creepy looking, but that youngster sure can shred an axe.

I can imagine a resurgence of guitar focused music given there has been a sharp rise in sales since the lockdown began.

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I saw him on that tour too. He put on an incredible show, definitely in my top ten (and I’ve been seeing live music for 35 years).


Ball & Biscuit should be the newest blues standard, ir whatever they’re called.

Whenever I think I am too old for electric guitar music, something like this happens and wow, just wow.


The electric guitar acts as an AED to wake the dead

Any ideas on why the drum kit is tilted forward?

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Yeah was thinking about that too. Perhaps it is part of Whites philosophy of putting things out of reach so you really have to try harder and be in the moment.

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I hope the drummer gets to decide how he wants his kit arranged. But, you never know :smiley:

EDIT: He explains some of it here. I can’t say I really get it, though…


I’ve never seen that before, either. Drummer is using traditional grip, which was developed for using on tilted drums I guess, but still. Drummers debate the weirdness here: https://www.drummerworld.com/forums/index.php?threads/so-whats-with-the-leaning-away-of-everything.127944/


I have a step-nephew who grew up playing in drum line competitions during high school. He joined a band in LA and when his band played at clubs, he played a full kit standing up. I thought it had something
to do with drum line, but he said the same thing: he wanted to create his own identity.

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