Music: "I Don't Need No Doctor," Humble Pie (1971)

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Double negatives aside… :slight_smile: these guys were amazing. Even without Frampton.
Any list of greatest rock albums even half a dozen long must have Rockin’ the Filmore on it - which was with Frampton, of course.


heck yeah!

It was easy to claim they didn’t need a doctor because it was 1971, before the great disco fever epidemic. Made the boogie woogie flu look like the common cold. By 1977 they were begging for medical attention.


Mm hmm. Though he could use a copy editor.

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yeah, “gimmie gimmie shock treatment” :^)

and don’t forget the 1978 “double vision” and “hot blooded” pandemic, started by patient zero, Foreigner.


Not the best version of this tune, but rockin’ just the same! One of my all-time favorites, which continues to hit my rotation since “… Filmore” was released.

just had to reply seeing one from the day on boingin’ here. was at the 75 show w robin trower opening. steve could spit to the sky like crazy. rip steve.

I probably would have liked this in high school, but not so much now.
For 1971 now I dig stuff more like this.


Hazel was criminally underrated


And then blaming it on the boogie.

“I don’t need you, doctor.”

(couldn’t find a live-ish video, sorry.)

don’t blame it on sunshine.
don’t blame it on moonlight.
don’t blame it on good times.

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