Dr. Phil teams up with fundamentalists to launch tv network

The daytime-TV legend, who announced a month ago that he planned to debut a TV network with a new primetime show that he would lead, is teaming up with Trinity Broadcasting Network, a large religious broadcaster that is a significant owner of TV stations. McGraw’s company, Merit Street Media, expects to distribute its new lineup of programming via cable, satellite and broadcast stations, and has secured “commitments already exceeding 65 million television homes,” the company said in a statement Wednesday. Trinity’s programming is available on satellite distributors such as DirecTV and Dish; YouTube TV; cable systems owned by Charter and Altice, among others; and even YouTube TV.

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I had a judge quote Dr. Phil to me in a hearing the other day, indicating that everything she knew about mental health came from him. I have a good enough relationship with her that I suggested that made her insights as sound as my legal judgments, all of which I learned from Judge Judy. I was happy that she both got my point and opted not to hold me in contempt.

This is a perfectly disgusting, natural evolution of the Phil brand.


My brain first read that as “Dr. Phil network teems with fundamentalists”.

Now that I’ve stopped to read it, it still works better that way.


I still wonder if Oprah Winfrey has ever really understood what kind of harm she helped unleash on the world when she elevated the likes of Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and the anti-vax activism of Jenny McCarthy to national prominence.


It’s hard to concentrate on such things when the rhythmic sound of the dripping of money into your accounts lulls you into a sense of slumber.


:thinking: Maybe it’s the natural evolution of TV networks, too:

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