Dr. Phil with all the talking removed


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Best Dr. Phil ever!


The viewing public demands more bluntly absurdist programming in daytime teevee.


Yeah, that is a pretty good show.


I, for one, would like it to be floating in perfume and served in a man’s hat.


I think he should add a sign language interpreter.

It would just be someone looking at the camera.


The awkwardness is just deliciousness.


Never has personal anguish been so hilarious.


The emotional violence laid bare; Dr. Phil is the Jerry Springer of pop-psych.


I would actually watch that, if that’s what Dr. Phil really was.


Beat me to it. Loved it!


Dr. Phil with all the talking removed

Still awful.


I’d enjoy the judge judy with just one word: receipts.

Edit: I just had the thought that this is Dr. Phil for cord cutters.


Reminds me of that video of just Sarah Palin sighing. Silence is golden.


Eh, the plot is really weak.


I love people watching:)))


Here ya go.


I’m hoping that someday, in a desperate appeal for ratings, they will have Dr. Phil face Dr. Oz in some kind of no-holds-barred death match, perhaps refereed by Judge Judy.


They’re almost certainly “cheating”. That is, there is often going to be someone talking (or audience reaction) occurring off-camera when we see a “silent” shot, and they’ve filled in the audio with the “quiet audience” reverb. Nevertheless, this is wonderfully crafted.


Yeah, the background track is totally wrong. At the speed they were cutting, you’d expect the snipped off ends of crowd noise, but all you got was “quiet auditorium with occasional coughing.”