Watch 'Dr. Phil,' no medical license, rant COVID-19 falsehoods on Fox News

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Christ, what an asshole


I though he was bad when he gave airtime to John Edwards.


McGraw is shown to have “voluntarily surrendered” his Texas license in 2006, and he has never held a license to practice psychology in any other state, including California, since. This has led several leading clinical psychologists in California to question whether his program violates the law by offering the services of a “psychologist”, despite the voluminous paperwork that his production company asks guests to sign stating that they are only receiving “advice” on the program.



One of my favorite Mad TV sketches; Michael McDonald as Dr. Phil.


well, since a vaccine is unlikely in reality, maybe ever, the good news is he will eventually catch it so we get to find out then what he thinks of it, I’m sure his fat old ass will be just fine


No. I won’t.


One thing we learned from Dr Ablow is that the combination of Fox News Punditry and insistence on being called “Doctor” is a major risk factor for being a drug-abusing sexual predator.


These people would have a point if it was only as bad as the flu. But it is way worse than the flu. The fact we thus far have kept the deaths relatively low is a testament to the actions taken. But it isn’t done, the death rate will go up, and if we don’t contain it, it will go up a lot.

At the start of this 500k was a reasonable estimate with a 96 million infection rate. Is 500k worth doing something about? I’d say yes.


And the medical infrastructure (in the US at least) is already overwhelmed.


“Our rate of descent has slowed, so it is now safe for us to discard the parachute”

  • Dr. Not-credentialed First Name Some Guy

“The poverty level is going to rise because people are out of work”



FFS. How about we also compare mortality rates, as a percentage of the population, for COVID infections vs. people who use cars each year, people who swim each year, and people who smoke each year?
The first two are definitely not going to be anywhere near that rate. Smoking is the only one that might be even remotely comparable, and there’s been a government-level push to end that for half a century.


Except they really wouldn’t. The only reason the flu doesn’t result in a massive pile of bodies on a regular basis is that we have vaccines, and the disease has been around so long we know the optimal ways to deal with it.


At what point does falsely using the title “Doctor” and going on national TV to opine about how we ought to respond to a pandemic constitute practicing medicine without a license?

“And I get they are not contagious so they are probably not good examples,” @DrPhil adds. “I probably could have used better examples about that. And by the way, I misspoke about drowning deaths. I quoted a worldwide number, not a US number”

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) April 17, 2020

You say you get it, but do you? You say you could have used better examples, but could you? I doubt either. The contagion and virulence are the entire danger. Missing that point then hand-waving around it sounds a lot like not understanding anything about what you’re saying. If one smoker could trigger exponential growth in lung disease across the population, you’d better believe we’d take a more drastic stance against smoking than we do.


I’m talking about actual number of deaths, not symptoms.

I wonder if Oprah is ever kept up at night by the knowledge that she’s the one who unleashed Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz upon the world.


How come he gets to call himself a Doctor, when I’m not allowed to call myself an Internet Lawyer?

Strike that, I want to be a Prince. Yet the drop down on Amazon’s shipping address seems to include everything except Prince or His Royal Highness.


So am I.
Without vaccines, the average flu (I say average because the death rate changes every year depending on the prevalent strains) would kill about 20 million people every year, about 1 million of them in the USA - and that’s based on mortality rates with good knowledge of effective treatments, and no spike in cases causing life-saving care to be unable to be provided. Without those last two, it’d probably be 1½ to 2 times as many deaths each year. That is a mortality rate that would easily be called a pandemic.


Have you tried setting your address to be in Nigeria?