Dr. Drew Pinsky, who called Covid-19 a "press-induced panic," has Covid-19

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Now he has it, and says, “Covid is no fun. I don’t recommend it.”

One way to follow up on that recommendation and reduce your chances of contracting it is not going around loudly calling it a hoax.




He never thought leopards would eat HIS face.


Wishing him a very lengthy recovery.


It’s a little jarring to those of us of a certain age to watch “Dr. Drew” become the villain, but it makes sense if you think back on it. If you were listening to Loveline in 1989 with the volume turned low so that Mom and Dad wouldn’t hear you listening to filth, you heard this guy saying that premarital sex was okay as long as you wore a condom, and that if you were gay, well, it didn’t mean you were seriously mentally ill per se. (Then he’d let his shock-jock co-host tell a gay joke, but you were pretty inured to those by then.)

Pretty weak tea as far as embracing the full spectrum of sexual diversity goes these days, but it really was the best broadcast media had to offer. No wonder we all thought of him as our benevolent adult nerd-crush.

Oh well.


Was doing the exact same thing as you, but in 2006. Staying up late on school nights with my radio turned down super low. Listening to Dr. Drew tell people:

“it burns when you pee because you had unprotected sex with a bunch of strangers. Wear a condom. Go get tested”


“It’s hard for you to stop drinking because you’re an alcoholic”

Sure he wasn’t massively woke, but he really was super progressive compared with my parents and church.

Adam Carola is a fuckwad though. I wish they didn’t keep him on Love Line for so long.

“bisexual men don’t exist. Women are flexible that way though. Just admit you’re gay”


It was probably a bad idea from the start to have a show that ostensibly delved into the broad landscape of human sexuality hosted by a couple of straight white dudes, neither of which had any particular training or background in human sexuality.


Really. He didn’t add much value to the show and likely lost it a lot of listeners.


I find it frustrating how he’s saying now he’s immune, when IIRC others who have had it have contracted it a second time. Is he being extra irresponsible here?


Hope he feels better and also fuck that guy and the platforms that continued to keep him on, even if they did so after he started backpedaling. The damage he did cannot be undone.


What was he saying after March?

I suppose this is the upside of unconstrained spreading: sooner or later all the clowns get it too.


I mean, he did reverse his stupid, shitty, dangerously wrong position on covid quite a while ago, but still.


I’m not sure I agree. I think it is good and important to have straight white dudes saying that too. Most of what they talked about didn’t really require any particular training. Basically they were telling the truth and giving what should be common sense advice that a lot of people couldn’t get from their family/church/school. You don’t need a degree to tell someone to wear a condom and that you can get STDs from anyone, not just “bad” people. You shouldn’t need a radio show either, but it turns out a lot of people did.


I guess he’s a doctor of coprology?


I know that my hopes and prayers won’t be heard.

If the target audience is straight dudes, it is hard to object to straight dudes as hosts. As I recall, these guys were one of the first to really push consent as a concept (or at least they were the first I ever heard pushing it) and for all their other faults, that was an important thing in the 90s at least. I don’t think a message about consent would have reached straight dudes as well coming from some other demographic and it is really straight dudes who need to hear about consent.


Maybe, but AFAIK, reinfection is still pretty rare.