Dr. Sydnee McElroy, host of Sawbones, is running for the West Virginia house of delegates in the 26th district

I don’t think I have seen this mentioned anywhere, meant to post about it a week of so ago. Based on everything I have ever heard from her or seen about her Sydnee looks like good people and if I had the opportunity to vote for her I would in an instant


The McElroy Family podcast network is the home of Sawbones, as well as Dr. McElroy’s husband’s podcasts My Brother, My Brother and Me, and The Adventure Zone.

MBMBAM and TAZ are Maximum Fun. I wouldn’t say that the McElroy Family brand is a “network”, but that is a question of definitions.

Anyway, go Sydnee!

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I think it is a layered onions thing.

The McElroy Family umbrella includes all McElroy related endeavors, including Justin’s cereal podcast, Sydnee’s Dad’s legal podcast (with…a Cousin? I dunno), Sawbones, TAZ, Wonderful, Schmanners, MBMBAM, Sydnee’s other podcast Still Buffering (with her sisters - highly recommended, it is great) and whatever the hell else Travis is doing. I agree though - it is a brand

Maximum Fun is the network that distributes Sawbones, TAZ, Wonderful, Schmanners, MBMBAM and Still Buffering, but does not own those shows - they are all creator owned.

Big Giant Head is their production company that handled MBMBAM TV (and is handling the TAZ show? Who knows) and the podcast The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls Two (Which is also a McElroy Family podcast at the same time)

This family really does live up to the name of their book - Everybody has a Podcast Except You (which I assume was specifically addressed at 6-yr old Charlie)

(Yes, they have a bunch of books too…)

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