Dragon skeleton discovered in China


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Well no kidding they don’t look real, Dragons do not exist


It appears so piecemeal. With many lizards, you have a uniformity in the vertebrae from the base of the skull to the tail. Also, there are no supporting structure bones at the shoulders (collar bones) like lizard skeletons have.
Not to mention the still attached flesh. Was this dragon killed and flayed yesterday?


Too small to be a real dragon. Must be a large pseudodragon.


The pixels are perfect so it must be true.


A lot of damage was done when they were dragon it around.


A peryton?


Sad, really. They have a long, long way to go before catching up with the UK as far as elaborate (and relatively more convincing) hoaxes.


Yes. Just before it had been fried up in a wok the size of the Arecibo radio telescope.


I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be a stealth marketing campaign for Season Two of Marvel’s Iron Fist.


I believe the standard precedent is that a dubious skeleton precedes the opening of a new mall.

Things may be different in China, however.


Whoever owns it will no doubt make a mint selling it to practitioners of Chinese medicine.


Clearly just a wyvern or forktail.


If anyone there thought it was real they wouldn’t be standing around smiling. they’d be hiding from whatever killed and stripped the flesh from a dragon…right? they seem very nonchalant about the whole business.


Nah, carrion beetles aren’t that scary if your aren’t dead already :wink:

Also - anyone seen @Falcor lately???






Doing it wrong

Doing it RIGHT


'tsa wee drake!

Bone meal, really.

A ginseng, even.


exactly! Just imagine how big this would make your snakey dragon!