"Dragon" found in toilet

A shopper fled from an Asda supermarket in Edinburgh, Scotland, after being confronted by a “dragon” in the toilet—a creature that turned out to be a harmless monitor lizard. The lizard was rescued by animal welfare officers, who have named it Lulu. [The Scottish Sun] READ THE REST

It doesn’t seem like the person who found it called it a dragon, just The Sun. They do confuse the issue by using the headline “I found dragon in Asda toilet”. The person who found it is only quoted as thinking it was a crocodile or snake.

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The headline is also confusing for American readers, because when we say “toilet” we mean the actual porcelain equipment, not the whole bathroom. The lizard, fortunately, was on the floor.

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I’ve encountered less pleasant creatures in many an Asda.

“The reptile — a harmless African Bosc monitor lizard — was rescued from the store in Edinburgh’s Leith by animal welfare officers after he raised the alarm.”

That’s a smart lizard. Also, that Asda is scary enough at the best of times.

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If I encountered a screaming humanoid life form in the rest room after just crawling out of a sack I would raise the alarm too!

No, seriously. It was a dragon.

I’m glad you clarified!

a harmless monitor lizard

Some of them can have a fairly nasty bite, from what I’ve read. They are somewhat venomous, and their bites supposedly become infected easily and heal slowly.

Maybe the Asda toilet monster wasn’t that kind though.


I like this dragon better. It’s even papercraft.

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