Dragon that looks like a tree




Why do you think they had to abandon Chellah? It’s the Erebor of Morocco.


It’s looking for this birch:

Dragons are like that. Somebody call St. George!

(Photo from Jimi Hahn on Flickr)



Dragon Ball Tree


Sheesh. This isn’t even a very good example of pareidolia… you’d have to have truly terrible eyesight to think this dragon looks ANYTHING like a tree.


Actually mislabeled; it was taken in a land called Honalee.


[quote]Two tall trees, a birch and a beech, are growing in the woods. A small tree begins to grow between them, and the beech says to the birch, “Is that a son of a beech or a son of a birch?”

The birch says he cannot tell. Just then a woodpecker lands on the sapling. The birch says, “Woodpecker, you are a tree expert. Can you tell if that is a son of a beech or a son of a birch?”

The woodpecker takes a taste of the small tree. He replies, “It is neither a son of a beech nor a son of a birch. It is, however, the best piece of ash I have ever put my pecker in.”[/quote]



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