Pareidolia of the day




Dawww. Who's a good boy?

Edit: Springer Panel?


Who’s a good bo...ard?




Must not have had enough coffee this morning -- can't believe I missed that opportunity


I don't know. Looks kinda like a bear to me. Shaved Chow maybe?


My first thought was, "Evil ghost monkey", actually. But I can kind of see a Labrador puppy, too.


First I saw knots in a board, then I saw a seal worrying about clubs.


When I look at it quickly I see a lab/retriever -- when I stare at it for a while I see a bear/seal.


Many wow! Much illusions!


Very wood!


WHAT?! No one called him a "wood loggie"!


It looked like Edvard Munch's The Scream to me. Right up until I read the word dog.


Eh, just call it "The Bark".


I believe the term we are looking for is pareidoglia.


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