Optical illusion or ghost dog?


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Bark, bark bark.


That’s creepy.


This heres the internets, so with apologies, skepticism uber alles: a couple of them dry bushy bits look twisted in a “just a bit more down on the left there – now get out of the frame” fashion. …and yes, i do own some Amazing (James) Randi socks.


Camera work says staged. But i clicked, didn’t I?


Even if staged it’s still clever.


I assumed the doggy on the headstone was indented and optically appears raised at the right angle. Was not expecting the flower/shrubbery to be the illusion. Made icy spine tingle feelings seeing the doggy’s illusion dissipate as the camera approached. Emotive moment.


So, we’re all in agreement here. It’s a ghost dog.


Could it be a red fern?


It is an optical illusion, but one that the ghost dog created to let us know he’s there.


I thought it was kind of sweet.

Silence! I’ve buried all memory of that book. If I cry at work, it’s on you.


There is really only one Ghost Dog.



Ghost dog is preferable to Ghost Dad.


Whether it is nicely observed or well posed, that is one pretty cool and sweet simulacra.


Is that you, Gaspode?


To answer the question, it’s an optical illusion.

Yes, I enjoy crushing children’s dreams.

And because it’s one of the greatest songs evar:



I remember all the trouble the people down the hall from me had trying to draw mattes for the pass-through effect opticals.

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