Draw like an artist: go from "I can't draw" to "handmade art for sale"

If one’s art was any good, they wouldn’t sell it. I am trying to go further by putting art out there with a license that explicitly forbids its ownership by anyone.


If not sarcasm, how does the artist survive? We don’t eat sunshine and poop rainbows, you know.


There are billions of animals on Earth who have been surviving for hundreds of millions of years without commerce, so I would say that the evidence is that this is possible. Even probable that this is the rule rather than the exception. And if I don’t survive, then it isn’t my problem anymore.

People of whatever species survive by managing resources, and my experience has been that commerce is an exceedingly poor way to attempt doing so.


Oh, Palawan, into the mire you have wandered.


People of whatever species survive by managing resources, and my experience has been that commerce is an exceedingly poor way to attempt doing so.

But better than the other methods we’ve tried.


a good artist knows where to draw the line…


That doesn’t really look like a banana, though. (But looks like fantastic bread!)

Use squares/pixels. Or triangles.

Nobody seems to accept rainbow poop as currency.


In that case, I’m a better erasist.


So the part in the middle is “Practice your ass off,” right? Because that seems to be the solution for all artists moving from the first part to the last part.


I would say a lot of it is observation and attention to method. Like riding a bicycle, what you’ve learned tends to stick with you. But yes, practice also helps your muscle memory, which leads to improved style.

Edit: The closest thing to the training I received from my art teacher is found in Betty Edward’s book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
IMO, the best thing about it is how she relates the psychology behind losing one’s dependence on symbolic methods and learning to see with a scientific eye - geometric concepts, negative space, the physics of light and shadow, etc.


I like it!

But to be fair, the street art picture of you looks like it took maybe a minute. Your bread drawing looks like it took more time and attention to detail.

Eating sunshine and pooping rainbows certainly helps. :wink:

The street drawing took a decent amount of time, and was unsolicited (my major gripe about Tijuana’s old plaza area next to the border -not much foot traffic anymore, so a lot more pushiness from peddlers). I was trying to eat some lunch with my friend.

But yes, I did spend more time on the bread. About 6 hours. Admittedly, I am a purposefully slow worker.


Much of the time "handmade art for sale” means “I can’t draw”.


And if you can draw, there’s so many other obstacles ahead.
Etsy’s loose interpretation of “handmade”, and the formidable sea of Chinese knock-off art on on the internet is near soul-crushing for an artist who wants to sell in today’s market.


Remember: We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.


@japhroaig would love that piece! :slight_smile:

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oh man…got me again! i suck at this game.

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