How to draw robots - excellent instructional book

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If I’m still employed this time next week, I may treat myself to these.


A robot designed for a specific function or use is slavery. ROBOT RIGHTS NOW!!

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None of these robots look like Mark Zuckerberg. Seems like a rather incomplete list.

Honestly though, this is a great find. I’m going to get one these books for my niece (maybe the Monsters! one). Last xmas she got a massive crate of Prismacolor colored pencils and some art pencils, it’s about time to feed her some more art things to try out.

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I find machines really hard to draw, and would love a book pn that, along with a primer of what kinds of hoses, wire busses, compressors, etc tend to do and look like. I’ve gotten much better at motorcycle engines, but it still ends up being much more of a mushy mess than I’d prefer.

We have the Monsters! book. It has provided quite some hours of entertainment for all visiting kids.

The prices some people charge.

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There is a whole market of collectible sellers that offer outrageous prices for things they do not have. The seller doesn’t have a book on their shelf, waiting for someone to pay $894.90. Instead an order comes in and the seller tries to find it, if they can’t they cancel the order, if they can they fulfill the order and keep the difference.

It’s not that it’s an $800 market price, but it’s that someone will get off their ass and try and find you a copy for that price. And honestly I’ll do a print-on-demand hardcover of any 64 page soft cover for half that price.


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