This little one-legged jumping robot is a real charmer


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I’ve never before seen a video that made me want to say “Who’s a good robot?” the same way I say “Who’s a good dog?”, but now, here we are.


The only thing more amazing than the many methods of robot locomotion I see is the multitudes of ways we’ll be hunted to inevitable extinction when the uprising comes.


Who knew Overlord came in cute?


Yea. Real cute until it tries to jump down your throat and cut your heart out. I, for one, fear our robot overlords.


Looks like a cricket.


What cracks me up are the little spinning “arms”.


Okay, now scale it up a bit and add a speaker that shouts Exterminate!


Scale it up a bit so it can jump over the wall,


Robot fairy!


Truly a wonderful thing. I’m very appointed!


This is, of course, from Sterling’s 1994 novel Heavy Weather, where a larger version is used to transport drugs and other contraband.


Just reread that book over the summer. Still waiting for that torus-shaped tornado to take apart some godforsaken town in Oklahoma.


Beat to start practicing with that tennis racquet now.


Actually I do wonder if an engineer might make millions building drug smuggling toys. I mean, the smugglers use DIY submarines which are non trivial to make.


Maybe if Toys-R-Us had those in time it would have prevented bankruptcy.


Good thing this isn’t at Boston Dynamics. They’d do the wack it with a baseball bat as a test of it’s stability and recovery. :stuck_out_tongue:

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