Save 20% on these sketchbooks that can improve your art with pages of lessons

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How to Draw Athletic Shoes seems oddly specific.


Oh no, it’s the upcoming How to Draw Golf Cleats that really gets specific.


Club or championship?


Am totes waiting for How to Draw Gaiters.


Regular issue, or regimental presentation gaiters?


It’s actually more for people who want to design athletic shoes. And for them, this kind of technical and very specific book seems like it would be pretty awesome, and relatively cheap at $24 - which is less than the kickstarter campaign asked for. (Once again, StackCommerce doesn’t actually know what the product they are hyping is for, but that doesn’t stop them from pitching it to the wrong target audience with gusto.)

I do wonder if the sale is because they have a bunch of copies left over from the Kickstarter. Not sure how many people really need a book this specific.

Any budding athletic shoe designers who want the book can just buy it from Amazon and get free Prime shipping if they are prime members. No need to deal with StackCommerce, and BB still gets a cut because all user posted links are automatically turned into Amazon affiliate links for BB.


There are some odd perspectives in the Figures book and they are very stiff poses, even the dynamic poses are missing some quality of tension and movement. But I suppose that is the payoff of trying to make a copyist style learning book anything too fluid and gestural might be off-putting.

I tried to buy this from the boing boing store, I really did. But first it wouldn’t put the item in my cart, unless I turned off the script blocker. Then, it wouldn’t let me check out as a guest, because apparently I already have an account. But the password is not the same as it is for this forum, so I couldn’t log in. So I tried to reset my password, but it asked me to complete a captcha, and when I did captcha crashed for some reason and it told me to try again later.

So Amazon it is…

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