Drawings from the Gulag – Ink drawings of the Soviet gulag’s horrors, perversions and peculiarities


You may also wish to check out other titles by Mr. Baldaev: Soviets, a compendium of satirical drawings made secretly during the era, and The Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia (3x volumes).

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This looks fascinating, but are translations of the captions and descriptions made available in the book? Possibly on the pages opposite from the reproductions of the drawings? I see two editors credited but no translator.

I took a semester of ancient Greek 30 years ago, and that has helped me to puzzle out a lot of the Cyrillic inscriptions that I encounter on Russian coins, but I am far from literate in Russian.

Edited to add:

OK, in one of the reviews on Amamzon I found this information:

The book is well made hardback, small in size and in Russian and translated on the bottom into English.

The excerpts pictured on Boing Boing or Amazon didn’t show that, which is why I asked.

Second edit:

While I like the guy’s drawing style, after looking at more excerpts via Google Images this doesn’t look like a book I’d be interested in owning - even if it does depict actual events in the Gulag.


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