Dredging Up What's "Under the Silver Lake"

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I kinda loved it.


Sounds like it’s in the same vein as After Hours.


I liked it a great deal. Kind of a “Big Mumbleowski” anti-noir, in a way.


I was thinking that too. Looks good.



I’ll have to check this movie out, legit never heard of it…

If i was going to recommend a movie that gets meta, i’d recommend the horror mockumentary Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. The movie is kind of slow paced, a big chunk of it is spent deconstructing the tropes of horror movies but in the logic of the movie itself they refer to the events of many movies as actual events and the villains as real people, the last 20 minutes or so the mockumentary gets turned on its head and it becomes a horror film itself. It’s pretty decent if you’re a fan of the genre :slight_smile:

The trailer makes it seem more action-y than it actually is:


I’ll say; I’d never even heard of it until now.

Might watch, I’m running out of programs in my queue…


It’s on amazon Prime Video for anyone lookin’


I love this line, it gives the whole review a very Indie Film Minute vibe.

I might, depending on what the definition of “on” is


I’m with you KingGidorah. So many times I’ll see “available on Amazon Prime” and even though I’m a long time Prime member it’s not free to me.

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I’ve seen it three times and it definitely holds up. Dense narrative with a ton of clues thrown at you. Actually, I thought it was more Pynchonesque than Inherent Vice. A must see if you’re a fan of The Crying of Lot 49.

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Hey! My brother is in this movie (Behind the Mask I mean). It really is a pretty clever deconstruction.

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That’s cool :smiley: this is one of those movies very few people i talk to have actually seen and i think it’s really underrated. When i first saw it i had no idea what it was, we rented it from a Red Box kiosk because it looked like it’d be a crappy horror movie that we could watch and make fun of while drinking. Turned out to be great

Where to watch, eh?

Just going against the grain here to say this movie had zero distribution and poor critical response for a very good reason. I stuck with it all the way through but at the end I just felt a general feeling of “why?”

They had me at “Director of It Follows (2014).” If you haven’t seen it, it’s a delightful indie horror film.

A24 Movies never fail. I really enjoy this film. I’ve watched it 4 times already. The most moving part of the film for me is when he is at that cave bar with a girl and she tells him “we only have a small window to fuck and do whatever or whoever we want.”
So godamn true it shattered my heart when I heard it.

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