Dress made from a book


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It appears to be a thesaurus. Stylish and informative.

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Which book is being made into your dress is of the utmost importance. A good sci-fi novel is stimulating, an Ayn Rand novel would be a turn-off.

Then again, maybe I’ve got it wrong, and this is one of those cases where you want a book that people will (with the consent of the person wearing it, of course) be inspired to throw against the wall, saying “I don’t care about any of these characters!”

Even though I have completely moved to digital for my book consumption, I still feel a little sad when I see a book destroyed to make something else.


Judge a cover by its book.

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I’m not staring at your boobs, I’m reading them.


For the person who likes to read the last page first.

A limerick, from the office wall of a friend’s mother, in 1948… She said:

I have to tell a story on my Mom. She was Editor of the Indiana Daily Student back in 1948, bossing around WWII veterans and younger students on the staff. The staff would post limericks and poems on the wall by her desk. The one she remembers best, she knew at the time was about her, and it went like this: “There once was a girl from St. Paul / wore a newspaper dress to a ball. / The dress caught on fire / and burned her entire / front pages, sports section and all.” – and ONLY JUST TODAY DID SHE GET THE DOUBLE ENTENDRE ABOUT THE SPORTS SECTION! 66 years later, ladies and gentlemen!


The typeface seems like an Oxford publication, methinks. I dig that the words gird and glimpse can all be seen in one of the pictures: 'cause that dress is girding her, get it, so we don’t get a glimpse amirite?

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Oxford thesaurus, I guess…

Probably one that would give up enough material, and that nobody would miss (not that it’s worthless, but that there are tons of other copies of it)

Cory: “this appears to be her youtube channel”

Two more seconds on the internet after googling “jorimoo” found the facebook page of the lovely and talented artist, Jori Phillips: https://www.facebook.com/JoriMLPhillips

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“My eyes are up here!”

“Yes, but the story is down there.”

God, I love a good book!

Even if that book has thousands of additional copies rotting on used book store shelves, or in boxes in warehouses? This appears to be a dictionary of sort…

It’s just paper. It’s not magic. In this day and age, when books can be printed on a whim, I find this “OMG! DON’T HARM PAPER!” thing a bit … over kill.

“Read a person like a book”, wish I could.

Destroying this particular book, even were it not for artistic purposes, is no great loss. That yellow tint around the edges of the pages is a very clear sign that the book was NOT printed on acid-free paper, and thus wasn’t long for this world anyway (a couple decades, tops). It’s definitely a standard sort of thesaurus, also, so it’s by no means scarce, and the digital form is significantly more functional, unlike with novels where many people still prefer the physical ones.

Meanwhile, as a dress, it’s pretty remarkable - the detailing on the cups and center front is far superior to almost anything you can find in the average department- or wedding/prom-dress store. And the usage of the page size and the yellowed edges is superb - it really uses the material to great advantage and makes it very clear that it was ‘a book’ and not just printed fabric or paper. Even better, in the close-ups, you can see that the front manages to place the keyword ‘gird’ right at the waist, and also includes such keywords as ‘garish’ and ‘genius’. As if it wasn’t enough on its own, the other pics show her wearing a ‘Miss-Spelled’ pageant sash and a hairband ornamented with more pages along with the dress (and glasses, too). Clearly a very well-thought-out piece of work, fantastic technical execution, and really - what would be better than a thesaurus for a dress which is simultaneously a book? It’s rather fitting, pun totally intended.

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