Dress shoe with secret gadget compartment


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Do NOT wear these through TSA.


Shoe Phone! Maxwell Smart would be proud.




“A pair will cost you £2000…”



Not a shoe for airline travel, certainly, but I can imagine some wealthy people with fear of being kidnapped (thinking Mexico, Colombia, etc.) buying it.


Any shoe made to order and handcrafted in Italy from wild red deer sourced from Scottish Estates, should include a secret compartment.

You will be fine going through airport security. Just don’t carry any electronics in your shoes or anything else that will show up on an x-ray machine.

The one point that is not addressed is sizing. How much more stuff could I carry in my size 15 shoes?


Fortunately, there’s a teeny tiny aftershave atomizer you can conceal in there. Wouldn’t want to emerge from captivity smelling like some poor schmuck who shaves without perfuming.


Not just TSA: If you should be taken to any Customs inspection’s “secondary” and they find those obviously accessible and purpose-built compartments, you can expect a long afternoon’s fun conversation and a vastly enhanced chance of this occurring every time you cross that border as they will note this down even if there’s nothing in them.

Bad Guy 101 also: Take your prisoners’ shoes. Bonus points if you’re a smart enough bad guy to strip prisoners naked and not leave them anything they brought with them, however innocuous appearing.



That’s for the Carfentanil spray used to overcome your adversaries.





Opens this way:


It actually has four other features, but I can only describe them when under the Cone of Silence.


Do they make them for Northern European feet?


Ideal for sipping champagne too boot.


How much stuff can you fit into the Women’s version?


So basically, don’t carry any of the items they offer as accessories to the shoes? lol


The aftershave atomizer is a nice touch.
Knize 10 seems an appropiate choice to fill it with.