Drew of “Blame Drew's Cancer” needs a bone marrow donor. Could you be the match?


There are some major advances in Hodgkins treatment recently including an article in the most recent NEJM that Drew and his team should look into

Hi Xeni, I tried to call the registry but they’re closed for the holidays. Perhaps repost this article in January?

I’ve been on the registry for several years. In the process, I learned that I have a rare HLA (antigen) type, so that there’s a good chance that, if I match, I’ll be the only one available. I’m out there for someone if they need me.

How far are we from being able to culture bone marrow cells? The defining feature of bone marrow is replicating many many times so it sounds like it should be possible (at least to me, I’m no biologist). I bet you could get a lot more donors if people knew that they were potentially saving many many lives rather than just one stranger that they never met.

That sounds painful. Is it painful? I don’t mind doing my share but I’m a big baby about having my bones split open and such.

Thank you for the reminding me to go and make sure my information is up to date at BeTheMatch,org!

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