Drinking glasses made from old smartphone screens


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Do they come with permanent finger prints on them?


The “Handy Glass” name makes more sense when you know that the pseudo-English “Handy” is what Germans call mobile phones.


The number of times I’ve seen people with cracked smartphone screens, I’m not sure I’d trust these glasses.


I’ve always imagined that the screens’ glass is laced with toxic heavy metals to achieve the conductivity and capacitance they need for touch sensitivity. But IANAS so don’t really know what I’m talking about.


Drinking glasses made from old glass that has been touched by dirty hands and regularly taken into the toilet. I mean i realise that it’s obviously been sanitised but i’ll still give this a miss.


That costs extra.


They are pretty.


A glass with fingerprint recognition would be nice.


Review: These glasses seem great now, as soon as you buy them a new better set gets released but you have 2 years left on your glass contract before you can upgrade. if you drop one you have to keep drinking from the un-cracked side as long as possible trying to make it to the end of year 2. at first you get nice full glasses of water that last a long time, slowly over time these glasses hold less and less water forcing you to buy a new set eventually. also, they aren’t compatible with the new water 2.0 coming out next year. I’d wait for the new ones Apple is releasing without the hole in the top.


I knew it was a german company as soon as I read the name of the product. Then I saw they had a Impressum at the bottom of their website … no further confirmation needed.


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