Driver takes video of another driver sleeping behind the wheel of a self-driving Tesla

Yeah, that’s about the only thing that appeals to SD cars.^ If I could use my commute to read I would be super happy (using a train or bus would give me this, but is impractical and expensive given my current living/working arrangement)

^ Well, that and the safety aspect.

Maybe they were already dead.

That was my first thought, but since that wasn’t part of the news story, apparently not. But it’s going to happen eventually…

From what I’ve read, other makers of cars with these kinds of semi-autonomous driving systems have cameras that require the driver to have their eyes on the road at all times to keep those systems engaged.

Yeah. These semi-autonomous systems are dangerous because they require humans to fully respond to events on the road, while both lulling them into a false sense of complacency and actually making it more difficult for them to stay aware and ready to respond when needed even if that’s what they’re trying to do.

Yeah, we’re seriously not. When we get to that point, they’ll be selling cars without steering wheels.

I’ve known people who had that actually happen to them…

Well, given that Tesla apparently didn’t see it coming (somewhat inexplicably)…


Dude 1 : Hey look at my new Tesla. It has autopilot.

Dude 2 : I wonder if you could turn it on and fall asleep on the highway.

Dude 1 : You could, but people would freak.

Dude 2 : Hey, that gives me an idea…

How did the murderer get out of the car? Oh, never mind, they’re obviously hiding in the trunk.

Hey Tesla, WTF do you expect to happen. Maybe somebody has to die or be seriously injured before somebody says, ‘hmm, maybe that’s a design flaw’.

It’s difficult to imagine someone being so oblivious not only to their surroundings, but to how much of a total idiot they are, driving asleep down a busy highway – who could even fall asleep at the wheel under those circumstances? And what makes someone so totally out of whack with the reality of their situation that they would even fall asleep? Hopefully someone got this dipwads plate # and turned him in. Someone should have moved in front of him and slammed on their brakes — just to see how wonderful the tesla’s reaction are, and to bang dipwad back into reality.

Uh - people fall asleep at the wheel everyday. Highway driving makes it even easier to fall asleep when driving. Drowsy driving can be as bad or worse than drunk driving and kills ~5000 people a year.


Perhaps he died?

Neck problem and slightly deaf as I remember.

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I won’t drive on a motorway without a passenger in the front seat. Despite my best efforts, if I am on my own I will nod off everytime.

Around town there is no issue, plenty of stimulus and things that I need to focus on that I have no problem but motorway/highway is too dull to keep me awake.

Driving west on the Pike through Newton is dicey enough but heading east they’d hit a bunch of quick exits, cars start zipping back and forth across all lanes even more than usual. FSM must’ve saved them from the usual cadre of Masshole drivers present on the roads.



Very convincing crash test dummies.

Did the person who took the picture get a ticket for distracted driving?

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Yeah, that’s the problem with “self-driving” cars these days. The use case: “car drives itself but human must be 110% aware of everything (despite not having anything to do) and be ready to take over in 0.5 seconds” is f—ing stupid and should be illegal for car makers to produce. That’s not how humans work and humans will never work that way. I can’t believe we’re allowing this.

Either we need to be able to trust the self-driving (at least as good as humans drive), or humans need to be kept engaged in the driving loop.


Don’t worry about self driving cars - there are already people having heart attacks/strokes etc while driving ordinary cars - at best they crash - at worst they crash into somebody else.
I recall reading somewhere that long term nightshift workers have chronic sleep problems that see them driving to or from work in a not quite wakeful state.
With regards to advances in selfdriving tech, they are already testing vehicles in China that are internet connected and chock full of AI and sensors. Not only can they monitor your alertness, they can also monitor vital signs such as heart rate, breathing AND emotion. This will all be part of the 5G network rollout. So, not enough to know where you are at all times, it will be possible to immobilise a vehicle remotely, and will you lose social credits if you didn’t drive to work with a smile on your face and thinking happy thoughts? And once they get all this tech hardwired into every production vehicle it is never going to come out. Er…kinda ominous.


Looks like an oxycontin overdose to me. I could be wrong. Have only seen videos of such.

Still wondering about anarco-pedestrians and bicyclists who will go anywhere they want on the road and self-driving cars will stop

In 1987 my friends and I drove a van from Toronto to Wisconsin to see the Grateful Dead play three shows at Alpine Valley. On the way back, we were all asleep when we hit the exit sign for the turnoff to Climax, Michigan. This woke everyone up … including the driver. We probably would have been fine but the driver tried to steer back up the embankment onto the road at which point the van rolled twice, ended up on its roof, and slid to a stop. A few minutes later a trucker opened the rear door and we all clamoured out. My two friends from the front looked to be covered in blood … but it was just dirt tilled by the sliding roof and scooped through the broken windshield. The trucker was shocked. He said that in cases like this, usually everyone was dead.