Driver takes video of another driver sleeping behind the wheel of a self-driving Tesla

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That’s when you throw an apple core at the windshield.


Get in front a slow down? Or would the autopilot just change lanes around you?


Oh how could anyone have foreseen this particular issue coming up?


I once saw a car parked in the middle of a traffic jam with a sleeping driver.

Other thoughts:

  • Maybe self driving cars should have cabin cameras to detect a sleeping driver?
  • How long before we see a story like this about a driver who died while at the wheel of a self driving car?

As a daily motorcycle rider, it would be a relief if more people had autonomous autos and slept their way to work each morning, likely it’d be safer, for me anyways…


What makes you think it wasn’t?

A “proper” self driving car wouldn’t need to wake up the passenger until a few minutes before arrival at the destination anyway. That’s a major part of the promise of self driving cars - one’s time previously wasted on driving can be spent on other pursuits such as sleeping, reading, fornicating…


Did I really need to put the “/S” on that? I guess I did.


i’m more amazed that they can sleep in such uncomfortable positions. they must be EXHAUSTED.
(…second thought: are we sure they aren’t dead?)

  1. I’ve long driven extra defensively around U-Hauls and rental RVs, as they are very likely the largest vehicle the current drivers have ever operated. I think I need to be wary of Teslas as well.
  2. The person recording this video while driving is being perhaps just as dangerous as the subject.

Well eventually when the technology gets more solid, this will be normal. But I don’t think we are there yet.

Related - anyone else have dreams about driving and falling asleep and then waking up mid collision or grinding on a barrier etc?


That’s my expectations as well.

This weekend I was watching a tech channel on YouTube. They were discussing this accident from 2018.

The channel discussed the response by Tesla to this accident and wondered if calling the feature Autopilot was misleading.


Unless the driver has rigged a device on the steering wheel, the car should have came to as stop after a few mins/miles driving. Autopilot no ‘No Confirm’ lane change is not really as name suggests, you still need to confirm, but again the device would fool car into thinking it has permission to change lane.

I know such devices exist and using them is just idiotic.

I have model 3, and I can assure you that sleeping, even with device, would be be very dangerous. I use autopilot a lot and there are numerous situation on my commute (Vasco/580 for those in area) that would cause this car to crash if not taken over.

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…and they need to wiggle the steering wheel once every few minutes. You need to be super extra tired to be able to sleep and wiggle the steering wheel.

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The best part is it looks like he has a dummy in the passenger seat. I wonder if he was trying to use the HOV lane. My brother tried using a mannequin to use the carpool lane and he got a big ass fine. I wonder what happens when you try that & you’re asleep behind the wheel.

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In the pilot episode of Knight Rider, Michael only learns his new ride is intelligent (and capable of speech) because he falls asleep behind the wheel and KITT has to take over driving. Then he gets pulled over when the highway patrol seems an apparently sleeping man behind the wheel of a car, so KITT wakes him up and quickly helps him fabricate a plausible explanation.

I had been watching reruns of that show for some time before I ever saw the pilot and it really made Michael seem a lot less heroic. The writers could have at least had him get drugged by bad guys or something instead of just endangering lives via drowsy driving.


Or undead?

I did miss the sarcasm. I thought that you were suggesting that Tesla didn’t forsee this happening.

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