Driverless bus in Greece has had no accidents in six months


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12 MPH? I have to say I’m not much impressed. When people get into a driverless vehicle capable of 100-120, that’s courage!


It’s freakin’ adorable.


Yes! My heart melted right away. I think this is the way to introduce potentially scary technology: adorably.


It’s a start!


What’s typical for a bus driver? Five years, no accident? Ten years?


Went to check on traffic accident rates in Trikala… and… wait for it…


It’s basically just a trackless trolley, with a similar braking ability that’s in most high-end cars. I’m surprised they’re using GPS instead of transponders on the road.



Driverless bus in Greece massacres 73 (Oct. 8, 2015)


Not many pages can make me activate flash on a website I’m not familiar with but the headline “This Plasma-Filled Glass Robot Can Dance” did.


Heh. Mark needs to change the headline: Driverless bus in Greece had had no accidents for six months


Seems like the statistics are concerned on accidents with injuries, but I think in general it amounts to roughly 1 accident with notable property damage and/or injury per 500,000 miles traveled. So they’ve got a long ways to go before this becomes impressive.


I kinda recall that the typical for an average driver is one accident for 250,000 kms. For professional drivers (truck/cab/delivery/etc), I think the average is one per 1,000,000 kms.

You can tell what the risk is by asking your insurer how much extra your car insurance would be if you were using it for work as well, say 50k/year. The last time I asked, it was only about $20 extra (and it included coverage of the the deductible on rental cars).


Well, there goes my dream of becoming a bus driver.


I thought firefighter is THE dream job

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