Watch this unusual way to teach bus drivers to be careful around bicyclists


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I am sure Bolsanaro will continue this sensitivity towards cyclists once he gains power.


Looks like the message really sunk in. Smiles all around.


A 30k what metal behemoth, if I may ask? They don’t weigh 30 tons, do they?


I could watch this all day. @#$&! drivers!


In Auckland, New Zealand, they’re doing a similar thing in a bus yards, but also on the roads:


This is a real issue. Here in the Twin Cities (MN) I wish they would reconsider allowing buses to drive on the shoulder. I almost die on my way to work once or twice a month because the on-ramp I use is very tall and I can’t see the buses until they are about to smush me.


I don’t think they were getting the message. Maybe if the bus plowed them over it would sink in.


They run about 30,000 pounds empty for a single bus. An articulated bus can get up to 60,000 pounds.


I think just having to be in motion would change the feeling a lot. What they are experiencing is similar to being on a curb.


I refuse to ride a bike here in Austin because the drivers are awful, even when you’re in a bike lane. I’d rather not become an organ donor prematurely.


Yes, being in motion… in a 3’ wide bike lane with a nasty paving seam down the middle… throw in some loose gravel, bits of mangled bumper, broken bottles, and potholes…


…don’t forget the idiot on the pavement edge wearing headphones, attention fully on the phone in their hand, walking in a less-than-straight line…


:21 “Fuck this, I’m walking”


30k lbs. is 15 tons.


A reticulated python can run about 30 feet.


I try to be mindful of you guys… But I do wish at 5 am in the winter rain the single unlighted cyclist would ride on the blooming sidewalk.


My preference is to ride on the sidewalk if possible, but Texas is notoriously unreliable with sidewalks. Entire neighborhoods can have zero sidewalks, sometimes a block might have them and another block might not. Makes riding a bike in narrow residential streets dicey so i decided to just not ride at all. Honestly i felt safer riding in the middle of busy Las Vegas in 100F heat and no bike lanes than i did riding in Austin, which is supposed to be “friendlier” toward cyclists.


As a pedestrian, I fucking hate it when cyclists ride on the sidewalk. I understand that sometimes they have to. On the occasion that I’m on a bike, I do it some places as well (I’m a really shitty cyclist, so there are some areas where my incompetence will disrupt the flow of traffic too much). But I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been nearly run down or driven off the sidewalk.


That’s suicidal*. The longer I’ve been riding (3 years now, this time around) the more lights and reflective and biomorphic-motion thingies I add.

But the sidewalk is a problem too. The closest I’ve come to being hit in the last five years was walking (not riding, just on foot) on a sidewalk. Some guy was charging out of his garage on his way to work and he didn’t look until the last second. He stopped about three inches from my knee and that’s only because I dodged. Every driveway you cross is an intersection.

(* Suicidal, or he just doesn’t have the money to do any better.)