Why arguing with a bus driver is a bad idea




“I was afraid for my life and for the lives of my passengers, so I drove away to save us all!”


Seems fair. Wish I could understand what the argument was about. Anyone willing to give the gist of it ?


I believe the bus driver hit the car in front of him. The driver of the car came to complain and the bus driver said the car was “already broken fucker”. Then it appears the bus driver bumped the car again to show how bad ass he is and that’s when the car driver broke the window and the bus driver decided to destroy the car.


Now this is why we need an app that does “Previously - on mobicam


“Motherfucker, dude!”
I wonder what the translation is for “There’s a beverage here!”


20 ton bus trumps a 1 ton car any day…


The biggest reason I like living in America where rule of law can trump the rules of physics.


Many years ago, in my teens, a wise older friend of mine always liked to remind me, “In the battle between the fly and the windshield, the fly never wins”.


Reminds me of a time when I saw somebody trying to pass a bus in Kenmore Square - unaware that the bus was slowing because it was just about to pull off the street into the bus station. That car got completely crushed between the bus and the wall of the station making the most awful noise I’d heard.


Is Chavs the guy’s name or do they have chavs in France now?


Does that sound like French to you?


Could be short for l’chaviré. I don’t speak French but I can easily imagine an idiom wherein a wrecked car is called “capsized.”


That’ll learn you.


The video is from Chile, according to boingboings source.




What, they’re not allowed to speak French in Chile?


But you don’t speak French-- how would you recognize it as French, and not some other Romance language?


It sounds like trying to speak a Romance language while trying to keep a live frog in your mouth.


Anyway, chav car might be an accurate translation of “auto de flaites”