Watch bicyclist lift and move car blocking bike path


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That’s my idea of a “good” drinking buddy!


Lifted with back, not legs. Going to feel that one later. Reminds me of “parallel parking” my Beetle between bollards - but it took two of us for safety.


I got involved in something similar, couple years ago. Somebody parked a car in the way that the tram I rode couldn’t get through. I came up with the suggestion to move the car instead of waiting for unknown time; with two volunteers we got the car into resonance along z-axis and “jumped” its back sufficiently to the side that the tram could get through.

Sometimes the DIY approach is the best you can do.


I just ride around.


Your tram can go around obstacles?


Glad to see an armchair strongman expert over here.

“lift with your legs.” jesus.


A friend of mine had a Daihatsu that could be parked in a similar way. It took a couple of us, as we were skinny metal kids who probably had as much muscle on our whole bodies as that man had on his left leg.


Didn’t think the comment was worth praying over.


See? See? Cyclists just run roughshod over poor oppressed auto drivers!


Sometimes you have to move a car out of the way.


In high school we used to occasionally move one particular guy’s Beetle from one side of the parking lot to the other. (This was before the New Beetle came out, which weighs almost twice as much.)

Usually with 4 kids moving it though.


I miss Mentos commercials.


Actually, his technique was pretty great given the very uncomfortable shape of the weight.


Reminds me of this classic VW Van ad, showing the “first and second most economical ways of moving one ton”.



Yes. My tram is a bicycle.


Sounds uncomfortable. Lacks the ability to sit down with a book until destination proximity is reached.


Did someone invoke the name of “Lift With Your Legs Jesus”?


Few Top Gear tropes make me laugh harder than those that involve Jeremy Clarkson bumbling around in a Reliant Robin.

(unfortunately they cut out the beginning of the segment where Clarkson expresses his horror at the 7 mile trip he’ll need to take)