Watch this unusual way to teach bus drivers to be careful around bicyclists

When i used to ride regularly if there was no one on the sidewalk i just jumped on but if there was anyone, even a single person i would get off my bike and walk the bike past them or just get off the sidewalk if it was possible and safe for me to do so. However i never see other cyclists do this, often when i’m walking and a cyclist is on the sidewalk they tend to give me a dirty look for not giving them enough room to zoom past me.


next week:
…and this is why we don’t run over people, it feels really bad doesn’t it?


Make them wobble all over the lane like REAL cyclists, while giving the finger to vehicles. And don’t forget to ride at least three abreast.

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Yeah, they need to be balancing the bike while riding as the big blow and suck of the bus goes past.


Oh, man. Try leaving Austin to the southwest of Travis county on county roads. NO SHOULDER WHATSOEVER, and a steep gully on either side.

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American weakling 0.45359237 kg “pounds”.

(0.108 Jubs / 0.0521 Adult Badgers)

I try to be careful. For those of u in Austin it was headed north on manchaca Rd just past stassney. I saw him well in advance because I never want to hit anyone’s but the sidewalk there is decent enough.

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