Drivers headed to Atlantic City get stranded when a glitchy Waze ad sends them to the wilderness

That’s definitely a gripe of mine. In general, I actually really like Waze but the silent re-routing really bothers me.

My car’s built in GPS (which is pretty shitty) has the SiriusXM NavTraffic feature that does some basic tracking (nowhere near as good as Waze). It won’t re-route me unless that detour meets a certain pre-set threshold of time saving, and it gives me a chance to refuse change in route before it decides to apply it. I really wish Waze had something similar – basically some combination of “prefer main roads”, “don’t detour unless it saves X time”, and “give me a chance to reject a detour” settings.

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OBVIOUSLY, it’s really an ad for Tom Brown’s Tracker School. Get people lost in the Pine Barrens and then tell them that they’d have been able to navigate without the GPS… and survived in the wild with nothing but a knife and their bare hands!!! :laughing:


I wonder how that correlates with casino patrons. Has anybody done that survey.

When GPS screws up they can do it very bigly. We rented a car with a GPS on our Florida trip, and fired it up when traffic prevented us from making the turnoff for DisneyWorld. It routed us around through progressively less paved roads, and eventually announced “You are at your destination!” It was at the back wall of the park with only an employee gate.


Google Maps will do that. And since Google owns Waze, Waze’s traffic data and what have is in Google Maps now. With out all the extra bullshit and Waze’s terrible map set up. Traffic is color coded onto roads in Maps so if you can (or will) stop and think you can find your way around it the hard way. Or the app will just reroute you if there’s a faster route, with an announcement that a faster route is available and a chance to accept or ignore.

I never like Waze much but since Google Maps got a less obnoxious version of it’s base functionality I haven’t even installed the app.

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Good to know. Next time I’m traveling I’ll give Google Maps a try instead of Waze.

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“Where was your support when my casinos were going out of business, assholes?” –Trump

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To survive in the pine barrens you also need a bag of salt, at least 3 black candles and a working knowledge of which spirits dislike iron.

Does Mr. Brown offer alchemical training as an add on course?

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