Short film of drivers making last minute decisions


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LOL @ 1:45. I usually only see that happen at NFL tailgates.


This also appears to be an exemplar of poor signage.


Now there’s a badly designed street.


More a problem of poor infrastructure than of whimsical drivers, I think.


Did I mention I’m going to Eire next week? Looks like fun. And I suppose, given the Irish sense for a good craig, there might already be a competion going on. With live music.

Oh, btw, reminded me of this gem:


First day of a round about?


sadistic traffic engineer?


First line of the (Google-translated) description: “As soon as something is changed, no one can handle it.” Seems to support your hypothesis.


Noticed the same thing.


Oddly enough, another man is doing the same thing in the frame’s top, right corner.


I saw that too!


I hope this soundtrack becomes the new Yakkity Sax.


Im guessing that “ship” and “terminal” arent what drivers are expecting to get to as they approach that road. More context would be informative. Where do those branches actually go?


Looks like they go to … ships and a terminal. Here’s the Google Map if you want to poke around, and here’s a quick screencap:

Red arrow in the screencap shows roughly the direction of the camera from the video. The drivers entering from the bottom of the video are coming out of the roundabout. Looks like the left “ships” lanes continue on the serpentine yellow path toward the piers where the ferry ships are, and the right “terminal” lane goes into that white loop that leads up to a terminal building (easier to pick out the building on satellite view than in the screencap map).


Good use of public art dollars IMO


I would expect the terminal to be at the ships so I can understand why people would be confused.



I find accordion music to be a wonderful thing, when applied judiciously.


You can find vaguer signage at pretty much every airport.

I wonder though if this terminal is also suffering from angry ferries.