Short film of drivers making last minute decisions

I remember a friend from the city telling me about it, and I think that this roundabout wasn’t completely new at that point. Should I ask him again?

Just btw, you did notice the guy taking a piss on the left lane?

I had a good laugh there. Imagined the accordion music accompanying his water shedding IRL…

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The temporary barriers diverting one lane marked “ships” to the “terminal” lane ensure hilarity.

Oh, airports are my favorite example!

I tried to pick up a friend at an airport one time, we decided to take some good advice and use the “departures” area for the pickup. Of course, when she gets off the plane and asks an employee where “departures” was, the helpful information technician assumed she wanted to “depart” the airport and sent her to baggage claim.

Turns out arrival and departure mean the same thing, depending on ones frame of reference.

PS: to avoid confusion, I now only ever speak of “upper level” and “lower level”.

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