Driving a legobot with a simulated worm nervous-system


But is it conscious? Ha ha only serious

Moreover, can it prove it exists - that it’s not just a brain in a jar? Oh, wait…

UDP packets???

OK, on modern hardware, even if it’s just a Raspberry Pi, any implementation method is efficient enough for 302 neurons.

But WHY? WHY accept the complexity of sending UDP packets back and forth?

A QuickBasic program running on a 90’s PC would be more efficient and simpler. And you can still improve on efficiency and simplicity by using a real programming language.

Why don’t they go all the way and use SOAP requests? Bonus points for using Enterprise Java Beans. And one extra point for every XML configuration file that is longer than the QuickBasic program would have been.


I wonder if this technology could be dropped into a soft body robot and then the robot placed in a dirt-like medium. If I ever became a super villain in need lair decorations, I would consider an ant farm filled with robotic and “mechanically conscious” worms.

I see Wall Street! But with Legos…

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