See Lego robot controlled by DIY exosuit

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A far more sensible solution that the one created by Anthony Stark. Roll on the full-sized prototype.

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Not difficult technically. A rudimentary mechanics, with several pots and ADCs. But impressive that it gets done.

Thought. Could that be improved with force feedback? Could model servos, perhaps modded, those with metal gears (plastic ones tend to get stripped when there is load) be used for both the force and the measurement?

Could the digitizing mechanism be designed without the exoskeleton? E.g. using 9-axis accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer chip on each segment of the arm to sense position/movement? Then the sensors could be small enough to be concealed in e.g. a shirt. These methods are used even for e.g. digitizing movements for animation.

Uh, was the robot made with legos? Or the exosuit?

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Nice try Depp, but I’m not going to another of your movies.

It is inevitable

An interesting thing and gets mere six posts in an entire day, including mine. If the robot was used to kill a stupid lion, I bet it’d get more discussion. Bleh. People…

Both, by the looks of it. Man, I wish I could afford Lego like that. My friend’s son is eight, and I do think he & I will be building some Lego robots this christmas though…

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