Princess Exosuit (LEGO idea evolution)

So, it just so happened that we got three “girlie” lego-compatible carriage sets, and, seeing current exosuit buzz among LEGO enthusiasts spawned by new LEGO Ideas release, I decided to jump the bandwagon and make those into a purple-pink mech.
Unfortunately, my son immediately took the harnesses, which I wanted to use for legs, from me, so the first version was a stunty:

(Full gallery)

The legs bothered me, so later I upgraded them, also adding a canopy:

(Full gallery)

The Barbie bracelet found in a chocolate egg came in handy, too.

Finally, I got the harnesses back and went to my original plan. It turned out I was able to create a transforming carriage now, which could be used both with horses and as a standalone walker wearing cute mouse slippers:

(Full gallery)

Just to remind you, there’s a subreddit where I post those, dedicated to building blocks other than LEGO:


insane. in a good way :^)


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