Drone footage of huge fissure opening behind imminent landslide


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/15/drone-footage-of-huge-fissure.html


Going to be a doozy when it lets go.


reminds me of the aberfan disaster… :frowning:


Had a mild panic when i saw the teenagers playing on the very top of an immense, about to landslide any moment, landslip… O.o

I’m pretty much immune to fear of heights nowadays, but that seems colossally stupid, even for teenagers.


I’d’ve thought the thing to do in this case is, rather than wait for the inevitable and hope that nothing ends up on the highway or anybody’s car at some random time in the next few months, to close the road for a few hours and set off charges so that nobody gets squished, and if there is rubble on the road you can clean it off before opening it again.


Wishful thinking of a lot of people. Looks like more dirt than the small quarry will hold.


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