You may shed a tear during this rollable concrete ad

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I wonder what toxic slurry is being rerouted around the pristine countryside in that ad?

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Acid mine drainage I presume.


The orange stuff is almost certainly iron.

Also of note, from the youtube description:

The Concrete Canvas® installation featured in this video was for the Coal Authority, set in the stunning Afan Valley, near the village of Glyncorrwg, South Wales.


The liquid[?] looked so clean, you could drink it.

note: sarcasm


Re: product, images, and musical tone.

I have been watching this product for years. We have a real runoff issue on our property and this stuff would be great to help alleviate it.
Really just want to know when it will be available in North America.


You’ll be moved to use it for channel , culvert, and bund lining, slope protection, weed suppression, concrete remediation, even gabion reinforcement.

This this very morning over breakfast I thought to myself, “you know, I really should reinforce my gabions”


Now that I think about it this would probably be a good solution to my knotweed problem.

That song, “To Build a Home” is gorgeous. I think of it as a Patrick Watson piece, but whatever. I also thought it was rare and hey they’ll make some cash promoting concrete. So I look it up and it has been used everywhere.

I was about to add “Use for: Strip Mine Tailings Diversion”

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I’ve always wondered how they apply this stuff.

I feel like I’ve seen it many times driving down the highway in Rocky areas where it looks really smooth on the hillside and I can tell that they have put some kind of mesh compound sealed fabric thing down, I assume this is it.

I wonder if it’s porous at all, can plants grow on top of it?

Was thinking they used stainless fasteners to prevent galvanic corrosion in the concrete, but I’m betting there isn’t a lot of rain there to begin with that would add to that since it was in Saudi Arabia

There is frequently heavy dew. And, when it does rain, you get flash floods, which is why you never camp in a wadi.

Yay concrete! Where’s Grady and his Practical Engineering crew?

(Aside: If a mom names her baby Grady, you just know that the kid will grow up to be a civil engineer.)

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They totally left out the category of organized crime! Now, instead of wasting several pounds of concrete on “concrete galoshes” for your victims, you can just roll them up like a burrito, stopping when you meet the sinking weight threshold.


Forget the rollable concrete, the waterway-lining that caught my attention was that enormous rock wall on the right side of the river visible around the 1:40 mark.

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Weird. I’ve never heard this song before today, but less than two hours ago I stumbled across this video on YouTube.

Another example of the weird synchronicity that sometimes occurs in this universe.


Knotweed cannot grow through solid concrete. But the slightest crack, however infinitesimally small, will succumb.

Oh great, brutalist architecture comes to the countryside. Whoop…


I swore I wouldn’t let myself cry but then “Use it for Bund Lining” appeared on screen and I was four years old all over again.

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