Making "petrified lightning" at home


As he’s using an arc welder, wouldn’t these be more like flux-fulgurites?

I was a summer camp director who was also a volunteer firefighter. At the scene of a lightning-lit forest fire I found a whole bunch of fulgurites in a sandy driveway. We cleaned off a bunch of them (the longest was 14" or so and had about a dozen branches) and took them back to camp.

I sure hope they are still in the nature building.

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So they kinda look like what I pull from my cat’s litter box. Doing a GIS they look much nicer with branching

I wonder if there’s a technological application for fulgerite, as in perhaps some kinda fiber optics? What are its uses now? What can be made out of the stuff?

Or, you could follow Mr. Munroe’s recipe.

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