Drone footage of Ohio River flooding

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Could have been longer if they’d hired @TheRealPhillipGlass.

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There must be some enterprising Cincinnatian offering a city tour via boat; limited time only!

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Not sure why this city is so hard to spell? It’s Cincinnati!


I expect there to be riots as the river turns the city brown.

Coney Island, Riverbend, and Paul Brown Stadium all flooded. Not the worst flood the city’s had (1928 and 1965 were worse) but not good.


Dang that’s scary, considering i just went through the Houston flooding with my parents i sympathize with Ohio. I hope everyone makes it out ok.

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This, children, is why you should not build or buy a house in the floodplain.

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You’re making the assumption that quite a good number of people even have say in this department. Most don’t, they rent or buy where they can afford to live.

Also homes can absolutely still flood severely even not being in a known floodplain. A co-worker’s daughter’s home was flooded 2 years ago and all the surveys that had been done in her area showed that it was not prone to flooding but development nearby made the soil drainage worse, something she had no control over. She specifically researched the flooding thing before buying the house.


My family lives on the Kentucky side of the river. I was just talking to my mom this weekend, and she told me the news said the river’s crested at just over 60 feet (flood stage is 52 feet). That puts it shy of the huge '97 flood by a couple feet, but they’ve also had heavy rain and temperatures in the 70s and 80s all week. I have a feeling it’s not going to be receding any time soon. Fortunately, they live a ways back from the river on a hill, so our house flooding was never actually a personal concern.

Weirdly, I went to look up a photo of the flood pillar at Sawyer Point park, which is down on the riverfront (and also currently very underwater), and Google appears to have just updated their photo sphere of the spot. You can see the flood waters all around, and the image is dated this month. The 80’ mark on the pillar is the height of the record-holding 1937 flood.

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I remember the '97 flood, that was a terrible mess — I’d just moved to the Oakley area and worked downtown then. Glad your family is safe… I spent awhile living in Fort Thomas on a hill overlooking the river.

And this is becoming more true as floods get larger during this season. We’re having more massive 50 and 100 year floods in early spring now and they are more often going outside historical flood planes. Thanks global warming.


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