Drone Racing, Star Wars pod style


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I won’t be impressed until they arm them with tiny machine guns.

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Original video link for people who have problems with Embedly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwL0t5kPf6E

Would a burning-grade laser diode be sufficient? Because that’s relatively easy.

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Yes yes! And matchhead missiles!

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Yes we over here at Game of Drones Aerial Sports League just had a Flight or Fight day this last weekend.http://youtu.be/r8Oogx8QCoI
Very fast growing sport, indeed!

In all seriousness some clever tinkerers probably COULD combine this sport with Laser Tag. How cool would that be?

So as it happens, the true catalyst of the singularity will be wirelss FPS goggles as the intersecation of virtual reality and verisimilitudinous virtuality. This just makes me think of those years and millions of person-hours spent programming background textures for video games…

Not so difficult, actually. A IR LED sending signal in a narrow beam as a gun (or laser, but not entirely collimated), some IR receivers, and signal from them coupled to the control unit to disable a motor or all motors when the plane is hit, or gradually lower the power for loss of altitude; with more sensors, more kinds of damage are possible. Optionally to also light a small smoke charge to indicate hit for the others. If you’re really hardcore and the forest is not dry, a part of the copter design itself can be made flammable.

Not entirely sure how to implement that. The missile itself is easy. The actually-hitting would be rather difficult, except at point blank. A laser, or the lasertag idea, is more feasible.

Unless your goal is just to show a minidrone firing micromissiles. Then it will work.

Well it’s so hard to buy CAM these days, I figured phosphorus would do.


I’d go for easy and use a nitro-based bipropellant or tripropellant harvested from off-the-shelf ammunition. Just remove the bullet and pour the grains out.

Collapsed antimatter. It’s a weapon of the Culture.

Ahh. I didn’t read their weapons manuals, I’m not through the US Army ones yet. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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