Company's dystopian promotional video for drone armed with machine gun


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“Terror Combat” competition. That’s well named.



Gee, what could possibly go wrong? /s


so it’s a flying gun? yawn one clip only? lol

reminds me a bit of The Peripheral (looking forward to the sequel!)


It looked like it was having to really fight that recoil too. The effective firing rate is going to be garbage, and unless there’s some magic pixie dust in the targeting there’s no way they’re going to hit anything reliably enough to compensate.


Not having to worry about casualties from the other guys shooting back changes the equation: you could fly a swarm of these close enough to your targets to shoot at very close range and at worst you’d be out some hardware.


Cue the inevitable lawsuits, in 5,4,3,2…


It seems more built for suppressive fire, where accuracy isn’t as important as just keeping enemy heads down.



Don’t worry, this is just the beginning of this type of garbage. They’re going to get “better” and “better” and “better” until…

Which leads me to wonder: if this video’s suggestion is correct, and the future of battle is robots, then the purpose of a robot shooting at another robot is…what, exactly?



Good thing electronic countermeasures don’t exist.


fucking hell…do we need to go back in time and kill sarah connor?

humans can be fucking awful, we have great potential for both positive and negative advancements, i hope someday we can check our negative impulses.


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Nah. The robots won’t kill us. The robots will just take your jobs.


Not if I take theirs first!


The point is to break through the line of enemy robots so you can kill or capture the civilians they were protecting, or bomb the factories, farms and hospitals they were protecting. War is still the same, it’s not like armies don’t frequently treat human soldiers as semi-disposable robots already.


I wonder how long before police departments start getting these in their government surplus gift bags.


Get a job running into walls, falling over and getting stuck in corners