Game of Drones video: Shotgun vs. Drone


These are all conventional obstacles and the shotgun is a pretty basic, unspecialized blunt force attack. What about firing a specific anti-drone ordnance (which might not exist yet) at it, such a weighted net, or something that goos it up, or that uses some kind of electro magnetic burst that fries the electronics? Sure, the plastic shell is very tough and mechanically near-indestructible, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other means to take it down that haven’t been explored or discovered yet.

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Especially considering the drone does in fact “go down” every single time it’s hit. Granted, it flies again after applying some zip ties or replacement electronics, but that’s not how most people would interpret the word “indestructible.”

To their credit, in the video they’re pretty clear about how they’re only talking about the airframe.

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Yeah, I thought it was a cool video and all, but how exactly are they defining the word “indestructible?” It’s a tough airframe, but proving that a heavy piece of plastic can stand up to a lot of damage isn’t the same as making an “indestructible” drone in any real meaning of the word. If it continued to fly after taking several direct hits from the shotgun, for instance, then I’d say you were on the right path.

Still, cool to watch, though!

I guess if you’re in to flying quadcopters you’re mainly interested in not having to buy or build a new airframe every time you have an accident with your toy, in which case ‘not snapping when you crash’ is pretty much indestructible enough.

Swapping in a pistol grip on a shotgun is a terrible modification for 99% of scenarios, including zombie warfare. Sure it looks cool, but we’d all have an easier time shooting zombies and drones out of the sky with a standard stock and recoil pad. (However, I do like the paint job on the barrel.)

This is the right forum to talk custom gun-mods, right?


He was probably using birdshot or target loads. Buckshot or slugs would probably work better.

Not really a fair contest until the drone can shoot back.

Wow - what a tough little bugger.

It looks like they were using bird shot. At that range they could use something like 00 or 1 size buckshot and I think the damage would have been more severe.

I say they should go all-in with chainshot. :slight_smile:

Good luck hitting a flying and moving drone with a slug, pistol grip aside. You’re right about buckshot though.

Seems like part of what is happening is that the drone has so little mass that it just gets pushed aside rather than really damaged. A little work on recovery algorithms and you have something useful. not a gun platform, though, I would assume. It could shoot tazer darts or . . .

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Number four shot in a 3" shell (turkey load) with a full choke since you’d likely be shooting at long range at a target that might be hovering. Buckshot is for bucks and other large game, but number 4 is for a goose or turkey, which are far more resiliant than any flying gimcrack.

Shooting from that gun, he was probably using “dove” loads.

The video’s presenter both looks and sounds like a cheap Taiwanese knockoff of Bruce Campbell.

This pleases me.


You would need something sharp and fast that would stick into the plastic and not let go. If it weighed anything it would make the drone hard or impossible to fly. Any size shot will just bounce off since the drone isn’t anchored and can just be pushed out of the way. Something sharp and quick. maybe a heavy crossbow arrow.

Use buckshot shells loaded with small bolas, which’d jam up the propellers.

?? Even with their bird loads, they got penetration.

00 Buckshot is 15 .33 caliber pellets with a muzzle velocity of 1100fps. I guarantee unless the thing is made of Kevlar, you would put some serious hurt on it. I rifle round, while much harder to hit especially if moving, would also do some serious damage.