Drone video of brobdingnagian boulders that rolled into a village


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So, what… pre-dug foundation? Fun potential future ruins for the kids? Almost geologically slow excitement in our lives and the lives of future generations? Head scratching neighbors? What?


Wow. That must have been a brown trousers moment for the folks in the farmhouse.

Good to see they built an earthen berm to protect the power pylon. Mind you, I can’t think of the word ‘berm’ without being reminded of this:

Were you expecting one? :joy:


That night the boulders turned into trolls and ate some people.



Never turn your back on nature.


The background music really adds to excitement of watching rocks that once moved but are now no longer moving.



Has this been posted to BoingBoing before? Yes, there it is, but without the amazing drone video.

Sorry, not trying to be a brobding-nag about it, or anything.


It also missed those three tanks at the end of the wall. I don’t know what is in them but I’m guessing you don’t want it released suddenly.


This is a nice reminder that there are no natural disasters, only man made ones.


This is a book I read to my kids countless times when they were little: The Runaway Pumpkin.


Quick, somebody call Clint Eastwood.

…two years ago.


Here’s one in real time – if you look at the top of the peak at about 0:02-0:04 you can see it collapse.

(Yes, this has been on BB before)


Jakob Burckhardt was all over this story a century or so ago.

A pseudo-despotism without characteristic features, such as Pandolfo Petrucci exercised from the year 1490 in Siena, then torn by faction, is hardly worth a closer consideration. Insignificant and malicious, he governed with the help of a professor of jurisprudence and of an astrologer, and frightened his people by an occasional murder. His pastime in the summer months was to roll blocks of stone from the top of Monte Amiata, without caring what or whom they hit. After succeeding, where the most prudent failed, in escaping from the devices of Cæsar Borgia, he died at last forsaken and despised. His sons maintained a qualified supremacy for many years afterwards.

My kinda tyrant, that Petrucci.


At least now they know they’re 100% safe from giant rolling boulders in the future. I mean this could never happen twice three times in the same spot.


The hills are alive with the sound of boulders.


See, I was just thinking it’s too bad the drone wasn’t ready and the music wasn’t cued up when the boulder fell. Somebody really needs to get up there and push some more boulders. For science.