Farmhouse narrowly avoids boulder-flattening



Hire some excavators. Behind the house, dig a huge trench to roll that rock away from the back wall of the house. Then, create a high, chevron-shaped berm pointed up the hillside, so that any more rocks that roll down will be parted to one side or the other and avoid the structures.

I’ll buy it! Can you imagine the chances of that happening again?

Ha! Of course the chances are good. I didn’t read the caption referring to the older rock. But, mostly, I was giving a nod to Garp.


I wonder if you could make it so the next one vaults over the house to join Steve and his friend? That would be some big air-time.

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Well, it would be awesome, but (pedantically) I was also wondering how fast these things even went. My hunch says it was a fairly slow-motion disaster, with the rocks just kind of plowing the dirt and barn apart in a leisurely way, rather than lightning fast like they’d been shot out of a volcano.

One can dream …

Has Wile E. Coyote accounted for his whereabouts at the time?


I came here to quote this too!

Finally located it: 46.323322N 11.232981E - I wonder when the satellite data will be updated with the other rock.

Part of the hillside/cliff was dynamited so as to prevent more of these.

A boulder attacking an Italian home? Is Ray Winstone visiting? Italian boulders hate Ray Winstone (see “Sexy Beast”).

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Here’s an interesting video of the destruction taken by a drone: VIDEO

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They may have dynamited, but it looks like they missed a huge toenail of rock sticking out at the top of the hill! It’s sitting there on a skinny pillar at the beginning of the vid. I still think a built up berm of earthworks is the only way to save future destruction. Plus I’d get the hell outta there.

“Man lives by geological whim alone.” - Anon.

See also McPhee, The Control of Nature.

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like this?


Now that’s what I’m talking 'bout!

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The second one.


Wasn’t that film set in Spain?

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