Dropbox has some genuinely great security reporting guidelines, but reserves the right to jail you if you disagree

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/22/manufacturers-veto.html


(and therefore authorized by us).

Words to live by.


Forget about the political and fringe groups complaining about censorship. This is the real free speech issue of our time.


Is C. Rice still on the board?

In that case; nope.

Wait, Captain America is working for Dropbox?

I think the next step is to create a CVE that states “Vendor X is vulnerable to exploits because they rely on DMCA 1201 and CFAA to keep their vulnerabilities secret through nefarious copyright and security breach claims.”

With this registered CVE on their products, we can keep these vendors tangled in the ropes of having “open security vulnerabilities.”

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