Drugs and Alcohol = No Job


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Tell that to ATF and the DEA :wink:


Damn it, @jlw you invoked His name, and thought He was going to be in the video.

He is one of my favorite comedians and I saw him in Vegas and he even fucked with me! I’m like, “The Amazing Johnathan is fucking with me!” (I was supposed to grab the $20 and make sure it was real.


No, but he and his wife Anastasia Synn will be at Beyond Brookledge! He is really one fun guy to hang around with, and never ever stops cracking wise.

He has been touring again! I haven’t seen him in around 6 months or so, but he looked great then and is evidently healthy enough for the effort of a tour.


Healthy enough? Did something happen? Let me guess, scissors to the head?


Oh man, no. Jonathan was diagnosed with a very serious heart condition and retired from performing.


OH man, I had not heard. Too young for that shit!

You know, I bet he could do a web series that would be less strenuous and keeps him “active”.

I am glad I got to see him live at least once. He used to be on that Fox comedy show in the early 90s a lot.


He is touring again. I’ve seen him live a few times in the last 2-3 years. He’s amazing. It is a lot of fun to watch him follow Jonathan Pendragon. They screw with each other big time.


Who’s that narrator, the CEO? He looks awful familiar.


Jim Turner. I post videos and stuff from him/2 Headed Dog often. You might better remember him as Randee of the Redwoods.


Does Boing Boing really have that?


Channel 10.


+1like for ironic pairing of Randee of the Redwoods and guidance counselor Jeff Rosso (Dave Allen).


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