Watch 68-year-old AC/DC's Angus Young skip, leap and shred guitar on stage like a schoolboy

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his doctor and physical therapist must wince every time they start a new concert.


Maybe he is blessed with the genes that allow him to keep that up at that age. I know people who still run marathons at 70.

Maybe blow is the secret to joint health?

His doctor’s probably very happy about Angus’s cardio fitness. That’s a great workout!

My understanding is that the band members are big tea drinkers, to the point that having freshly brewed tea in their dressing room is a rider in their tour contracts. I don’t recall any drug scandals about the band.


I remember Keith Richards saying in an interview something like “Exercise? I’m the f#$king Rolling Stones man, that’s exercise enough!”


Yup - read somewhere Young is a lifelong teetotaler to boot.

Probably helps with his longevity on the scene.


good point. i hope to be that active when i’m his age!

I am happy to live in a world with Angus in it.


This is the same energy he had when I saw them in '91 on The Razors Edge tour.

Wish I had the same energy as I did in '91…


Genes: his older brother, Malcolm, storied rhythm guitarist, had to quit AC/DC due to dementia and died in 2017. But Malcolm reportedly loved the Jack Daniels.

Plenty of books cite Angus’s inability to drink alcohol. There are anecdotes about him being shitfaced on, like, half a beer. So he doesn’t really drink. Bless him! He’s not an innovator on guitar, but what he does is immaculate. Even to this day, at 68. Wow!

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Hmm. How bout Mick Jagger at, let’s see, 72?

It’s the cursed school uniform. It grants eternal youth. If he ever takes it off he will age rapidly and die like David Bowie in The Hunger


AC/DC: the band where the guy dressed as a school boy gets a bigger cheer from the fans than the lead singer.

Some of these older rock dudes are in amazingly good shape for their age (and some not so much). I go to a lot of live shows and it is always heartening to see dudes in their 60s and 70s making me feel tired from watching them.

A few notables who come to mind –

Richard Butler of Psychedelic Furs. He’s in his late 60s, and he’s still doing the same “getting down on one knee” moves that he did in his 20s (and most impressively, he’s still able to get up again). Here I am in my 40s complaining about my creaky knees. Maybe he just has a really good knee guy.

I’ve seen Guns n Roses twice over the past couple years, and Axl Rose is looking very fit these days and running around the stage with a ton of energy and with the endurance to put on a 3 hour show. The same can be said about Simon Gallup of The Cure who looked like he could easily have been half his age with the amount of energy he had (as long as you don’t look too closely).

Now in his early 70s, Sting looks like he’s still auditioning for his part in Dune. Similarly, I hope that 64-year-old Morten Harket has a license for his guns because he was looking swole when I saw a-ha last year. Rick Springfield at 74 looked and sounded amazingly good for someone his age when I saw him a couple months ago.

I’ve seen Pat Benatar twice over the past couple years as well, and she looks and sounds just as amazing now as she did in the 1980s.

Perhaps most impressive of all for me was Paul McCartney who was juat about to turn 80 when I saw him last year, and was able to put on a nearly 3 hour show and he was incredibly active throughout. (Sadly, he didn’t sound like he was still in his 30s vocally, but he put on such a good show it was hard to complain.)


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