Drummer, 3, leads orchestra in the most badass way possible


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Well I guess you can’t expect a 3-year-old to have terribly sophisticated taste. Still - Offenbach?


Would you prefer, say, something by Nelson Riddle?


Hey now, The Route 66 Theme is an awesome piece of music.


Sad news - I hear he’s developed a six juice-box a day habit.


I know, it’s one of my steady’s favorite tunes. I was actually wondering if someone had their kid play drums on the “Batman” theme, but I couldn’t find anything by Nelson Riddle that has a video with a child prodigy playing an instrument in the song.

And just what is “sophisticated”? I happen to like some of Offenbach’s works myself…but I don’t think of myself as a sophist anyhow.


I have given up dissing others music choices other than not to my liking as I realized there is a lot of stuff I like that I can totally see others going ‘what noise is that?’ too so it may be autotuned pop drivel but if it makes you happy to listen to it who am I to dictate taste?


Or pouches. They put 'em in Mylar pouches nowadays, too.


Several of his orchestra-mates look less than thrilled by the whole thing.


I doubt musical sophistication-or-not came to mind, probably wasn’t even the kid’s choice; the can-can is a popular choice for these kinds of thing (for example, an orchestra auctioning an opportunity to “conduct” as a fundraiser), because it’s straight ahead in 2 and the orchestra can play just fine if something goes wrong. The headline is misleading in that he’s not “leading” the orchestra; they are playing this by themselves.


I have a baby, it won’t be long before she’s a toddler, now all I need a drum set.

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