Drummer documents 13 years of skill improvement

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That’s awesome. I started playing drums last summer accidentally. I bought my son a cheap bass and guitar and thought maybe he would like drums, so I found a dude on Craigslist selling a cheap stock Ludwig shells, a hi-hat and a couple of cymbals and stands etc all for $250.

The kid diddled around a bit but in the end he realized he wanted to play guitar. So just to be silly one evening I sat down at the kit and did my best to play along. And it was amazingly fun and it seemed so natural, like maybe I should’ve been a drummer all along. I’m horrible compared to guys like Adam, and at this age in my life, it’s just a hobby that I do to feel good, but I do everything I can to practice and learn new stuff.


Crazy math, drums.


His hair greatly improved as well.


Also, crazy math, hip hop.

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